Every Aspect of Your Life is Sacred.

You deserve to feel connected, aligned and supported, each step of your journey. We are at a pivotal moment where Mother Gaia is asking us to listen deeply with great care and intent. To align with her rhythms and return to right relationship with all of Life. The Divine Feminine is rising out from the secret caves and hidden springs to help us restore this sacred balance. Let’s rise together and reclaim our Sovereign Power and Feminine Wisdom in a safe, loving and empowering community. Transformation starts within us, and like a ripple from a dropped pebble into water, expands out to every aspect of our Lives. 

This membership community is for women.

This is a Heartfelt Invitation to:

~ Stand firmly and unapologetically in the power of your soul's deepest knowing.

~ Unravel the stories that others have told you about yourself and breathe your unique, sacred essence back into every aspect of your life

~ Lay to rest any generational baggage that is holding you back from crafting a soul led life

~Align your energy input and output levels with the natural Seasons and Cycle of Goddess, and deepen your relationship to Her and through Her.

~ Co-create a community of Sovereign power, sacred trust and loving support so that we can together manifest a world that values mutual respect, peace, compassion, loving kindness, caring support for ALL BEINGS.

Join Our Circle and Feel Alive, Connected, and One with the Living Wisdom of the Goddess.


Each New Moon, we will gather for a 75 minute Goddess centered Ceremony to seed our intent through guided journeys, astrological insights, journaling and sharing. Expect some amazing guest Priestesses as well as Rachel or Yukiko to lead you. This Ceremony is open to all, and part of your membership.

(members only)

We will gather at the waxing moon time and sit in circle with our sisters. Each Wisdom Circle will be led by either Rachel or Yukiko, focused on the theme for that given month. There will be teaching as well as experiential practices to enable you access to various forms of knowledge and wisdom.


At the Full Moon, we’ll gather together in an embodiment practice as well as a sharing circle. Together, we will open up to the sacred well of divine feminine knowing that springs forth in each and everyone of us.

What the Membership Entails:

As members, you will have free access to 3 events per month which will invite you to connect with your inner wisdom, soul level information, embodied knowing, goddess teachings and community sharing. PLUS access to our teachings, practices and ceremonies in our LIVING LIBRARY accessible at all times during your membership.

Moon Body Temple Membership



billed monthly

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2 courses

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15 digital downloads

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Community access

  • Monthly New Moon Ceremony
  • Monthly Wisdom Circle
  • Monthly Full Moon Community Circle
  • Access to our LIVING LIBRARY of Home Rituals, Meditations and Embodiment Practices

All our teachings, practices and ceremonies will be recorded and uploaded into a growing, living library to assist and help you in your journey of transformation.

Accessible at all times during your membership.

Here's what women are saying about the Moon Body Temple:

"Holy Mother of Goddess! Witnessing the beauty and power of you Priestesses working together is a joy to behold. Your energy comes from a truthful, deeply-rooted connectin to the powerful life force that surrounds us. I recieved that energy source weaving through me, in me, and all around me. Gotta watch again and again! I want more and more of that empowerment. Thank you!"

- Elizabeth Rice

"Thank you for a truly grounding and clearing ceremony yesterday. Today I felt a shift in energy, inspiration and ignition of fire in my actions. Such a Blessing!"

- Deanna Sidotti

"In these challenging times, finding spiritual succor is essential to my mental and emotional health. For some time I have found that through the Moon Body Temple circles. Even in an online setting, the Priestesses maintain the intimacy and interconnectedness essential to a women's circle. I attended from the comfort of my own bed and was deeply and profoundly nourished by Rachel's gifts of wisdom and healing. These online circles are a true light and medicine in these grim times."

- Annelise Stys

Meet Your Guides

Yukiko Amaya

Yukiko Amaya, is an energy healer, shamanic practitioner and Priestess of Avalon. Born in Japan to a family lineage of healers, scholars, samurais, and land stewards, she came into her own connection with Divine Presence through personal grief and challenges. She has been on this path for over 3 decades and has trained extensively with shamans, healers and teachers of various lineages. She works with the wisdom held in our fully embodied presence, accessed through breath, movement meditation, and entering into relationship with all beings through our senses.

Rachel Jesien

Rachel Jesien's work bridges the physical and spiritual realms to facilitate healing on all levels. Born a natural Seeress and Oracle, her Shamanic Priestess path spans over 15 years and has woven its spiral around the world many times, studying Shamanism in Australia, Peru, Ireland, and most recently she completed a three year Priestess of Avalon initiation within the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, rooted in the Celtic Isles, traditional land of her ancestors.